POPULAR MECHANICS: 7 Handy New Shop Tools From SEMA 2011
The Specialty Aftermarket Manufacturers Association show in Las Vegas is one of the best places to see what's new in the world of hot rods and high-tech, but you can also find slick new tools just hitting the market. We scoured the show to find the best new tools, from the low-tech to the gee-whiz.  Read More >

SUCCESSFUL FARMING MAGAZINE: Easy Puller - Invention creates pulling force to hammer out pins, bolts, bearing seals, and more.
They say necessity is the mother of invention. It's no wonder, then, that when guys can't find a tool to tackle a job, they create one that will. Mark Giberti is one of those creative minds. The inventor developed the Easy Puller for those bolts, pins, and nails that won't budge.  Read More >

HEMMINGS MOTOR NEWS: All-Purpose Puller: Two toolbox standards become one
Every so often a new tool arrives on the market promising to make tasks in the garage easier by taking an approach that hadn't been considered previously. On occasion, these devices deliver, possibly even becoming a go-to item in the toolbox, but usually not before being subjected to a fair degree of skepticism from veteran wrench jockeys. Such was the case when a test sample of the Easypuller showed up at the office from Las Vegas Tool.  Read More > 

MUSCLE MACHINE MAGAZINE: Go-Fast Goodies | HMM Product Test: EasyPuller
There was some skepticism around our offices when the EasyPuller was first removed from its box. Some staffers thought it looked a bit gimmicky, but others among us saw potential. Really, when viewed from a practical gearhead's point of view, what's not to like? Read More > 

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